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Transit NXT - Best of 2013 and thank you!

Transit NXT - Best of 2013 and thank you!

Before 2013 draws to an end, we would like to say a big THANK YOU to all our visitors and contributors. We hope you enjoyed reading our posts as much as we have enjoyed writing them! We thought you might like a "Best of", a list of of the most viewed articles in 2013. Enjoy revisiting or, if you are new to the blog, use this as a kind of starting guide through the best posts that we have produced since our first launch.

Computer assisted translation Best of 2013


Translating with the internal repetitions mode   468
Working with subtitles in Transit NXT   326
Creating a TMX file for your client   296
New terminology extraction in Transit NXT (1 of 2)   295
What happens in Böblingen . . .   291
How to convert a TTX file to Transit NXT file format   287
Maximize TM leverage – Pretranslate without source files   275
Filtering segments in Transit NXT   269
About Transit NXT   267
How to use a translation memory from another tool   266
Resource editing in Transit NXT   250
Revising with the internal repetitions mode   213
How to handle markup during translation   210


Make sure you stay tuned in 2014. We have sharpened our pencils and have several interesting drafts in the pipeline. There are still so many new features of Service Pack 7, to start with. But feel free to propose other topics you would like to see dealt with in more depth, whatever comes to your mind that may help you and the growing community of Transit Users. Have a relaxing festive season and a good start into the next year. We wish you all an eventful, healthy and successful 2014.


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